Santa Barbara Writers Conference

For one week in June
At the beautiful Hyatt Santa Barbara

Dale Griffiths Stamos
Photo by Jane St. Clair
Dale Griffiths Stamos leads the Story Structure For All Genres workshop.
Dale has been part of the SBWC faculty since 2004.

About The Workshop
As the title implies, in this workshop Dale concentrates on structure and on story. In both fiction and nonfiction, she looks to help writers strengthen those all-important story elements without which the novel, memoir, play or screenplay will fall apart, no matter how beautifully worded. She looks at pages from attendees' work in the context of the whole story, helping them, in other words, to strengthen the parts in ways that contribute to make a more compelling whole. STORY is at the heart of every good story.
Click here to download Dale's workbook on story: "It's All About Story."

What's Your Story?
      Weekend Writing Intensive

Dale conducts the following workshop two times a year in the Santa Barbara and/or Los Angeles areas.


In an intensive 7‑hour‑a‑day Saturday and Sunday workshop, Dale will work with a limited number of students (5‑7) exploring such story issues as:
  • Is there a strong protagonist?
  • Has the writer established a premise (the spine of the story), or needs help determining one?
  • Does the story stick to the spine, or have extraneous material?
  • Does the work have an inciting incident?
  • Does desire and need, both conscious and unconscious drive the main character(s) forward?
  • Are there clear antagonistic forces pitted against the fulfillment of this need?
  • Does the action of the story rise both dramatically and incrementally?
  • Is there a climax / obligatory scene?
  • Is there a resolution?
  • Does the character transform through the struggles of the story?

Saturday and Sunday
9:30-12:30 AM morning session
12:30-1:30 Break for lunch
1:30-5:30 Afternoon session

$275 per person for 5 people (add $20 if you would like lunch included both days)
$225 per person for 6 people (add $20 if you would like lunch included both days)
$195 per person for 7 people (add $20 if you would like lunch included both days)

$50 Non-Refundable Deposit to hold spot in workshop due one month before

In 2018, Dale began leading workshops at the San Miguel Writers Conference which takes place in February in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

The San Miguel Writers Conference and Literary Festival is an internationally acclaimed conference which has featured such exceptional keynote speakers as Alice Walker, Scott Turow, Gloria Steinem, Billy Collins, Wally Lamb, Rita Dove, Joyce Carol Oates, and Gail Sheehy. It has over 70 writing craft workshops, as well as numerous panels and seminars.

In 2018, Dale led two 90-minute workshops: "The Power of Premise" and "5 Key Questions Every Good Story Needs to Answer."

In 2019, Dale led, once again, the 90‑minute workshop: "The 5 Key Questions Every Good Story Needs to Answer." Additionally, she led a 3‑hour intensive: "The Ins and Outs of Three‑Act Structure: It's Not Just "Beginning, Middle and End."