For Manuscript Consulting:
An in-depth page-by-page analysis of your manuscript which includes:
~   Basic line editing
~   Written comments in the manuscript, or Track Changes in Word doc, on plot character, style and needed edits.

A three-to-six-page overall story structure evaluation which includes:
~   What is the spine of your story (premise)
~   Placement and pace of scenes to create rising action and suspense
~   Setup, conflicts, climax, resolution
~   Character arcs and transformations

A one hour conversation either in person or over the phone which includes:
~   Going over the story structure evaluation and the notes in the manuscript allowing a free-flow of questions and answers
~   A recording of the session whenever possible

For In Progress Consulting:
~   Dale also works with some clients on in-progress writing projects
~   These can be a single session to tackle a specific issue, or 1-2 hour sessions scheduled on a weekly or bi-monthly basis

~   For manuscript consulting, $8.00 a page (based on 12 point Courier, double‑spaced, and 1 inch margins all around.)
~   5 sample pages emailed or sent and a free ½ hour phone conversation to discuss the project before committing.
~   50% down at beginning of project, 50% to be paid upon completion
~   For single session or scheduled meetings, $90.00/hour

My manuscript consulting services include an in-depth page-by-page analysis, a written story structure evaluation, and a follow-up conversation.